Wednesday, April 4, 2012

The Dress Of DOOM

When Josh picked me up my beautiful (and now broken) typewriter he also grabbed me some 1950's dress patterns.
They are beautiful. . . and falling apart. 

I fell in love with the white dress. So I went to my grandmothers and asked for her help and she was more then happy too teach me to sew!

It was a long painful 2day process but I will zip through it for ya.

Step One:

Cut out the fabrics to the correct shapes.
Shapes for bodice
Shape for skirt

Then use the serger to make sure they don't become unraveled.

Then sew the pieces

Skirt (upside-down)

Connect them, add a zipper.
Oh heavens that zipper. . .it took me atleast 4 times to get it on there right. First it was upside-down. Then it was facing the wrong way. I had to walk away and make Josh some soup before I would even think about touching it again.
But I eventually got it.

Unconnected zipper
Add a shash and BAM you're done.

Trim of Skirt

It didn't end up as 'poofy' as I had hoped but I think I have some tulle laying around that I can fluff it with. So keep an eye out! You might be seeing this dress again!

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