Monday, June 11, 2012

Mirror to Frame

A friend of mine helped me move awhile back and during the moving process he broke a full length body mirror of mine. The mirror was shattered but the frame was fine, so after a couple of months of just sitting in the corner I finally decided to do something with it! And here it is!

((excuse the crookedness of it; it wasn't meant to be a one person job to put it up, but it was only me))

Tuesday, April 24, 2012


Talk about a late post but I made things for Easter being as even-though I have a new job, I am poor. So let us go shalt we?

This is everything I used.
Put eggs/flowers on sticks in foam in the planter

Add easter grass

Add yummy rabbit candy

You can add ribbon around the pot like I did or anything else you wish! I added a index card on a Popsicle stick and wrote a biblical verse. 

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

The Dress Of DOOM

When Josh picked me up my beautiful (and now broken) typewriter he also grabbed me some 1950's dress patterns.
They are beautiful. . . and falling apart. 

I fell in love with the white dress. So I went to my grandmothers and asked for her help and she was more then happy too teach me to sew!

It was a long painful 2day process but I will zip through it for ya.

Step One:

Cut out the fabrics to the correct shapes.
Shapes for bodice
Shape for skirt

Then use the serger to make sure they don't become unraveled.

Then sew the pieces

Skirt (upside-down)

Connect them, add a zipper.
Oh heavens that zipper. . .it took me atleast 4 times to get it on there right. First it was upside-down. Then it was facing the wrong way. I had to walk away and make Josh some soup before I would even think about touching it again.
But I eventually got it.

Unconnected zipper
Add a shash and BAM you're done.

Trim of Skirt

It didn't end up as 'poofy' as I had hoped but I think I have some tulle laying around that I can fluff it with. So keep an eye out! You might be seeing this dress again!

Monday, March 26, 2012

The Box & The Record

So as you can see I decided to paint it all white. The naked brown spot was simply bothering me too much!
So Ta-Da! My first finished DIY Project!

On to the next!

Josh owns at least two crates full of old records. He also owns butterfingers.
He popped by my house with a small little brown package and told me maybe I can make something out of it.
Here is what was inside:

A broken record.

I have Gorilla Glue. . .so why not right?


I glued it onto mat-board. Its gold and pretty.
Josh broke another one recently so expect more records!

Thursday, March 22, 2012


Okay so Joshua owns two older cars.
A 19(something) Mustang
photo by me
And a 1970 Beetle
photo by him

So he often goes to the junk yard to get one thing or another. Well the last time he went I joined him.
And me being the random and awesome person I am I find random and awesome things!
So on our adventure I found a cute little wooden box. It was wedged in the backseat of an older Chevy and I crawled through the mess of interior to get to it, only to find that it was missing its lid.
So I dug for the lid, which I eventually found on the floor in two pieces along with its stubby little legs.

I fall in love with it. And I have to have it. So as we walk back to buy his parts and my box I get my panda wallet ready. We get up to the register and ask how much for the box. He waves it off and I get it for free!
So I start planning my attack on the box on the way home. As you can see in the picture the top of the box has a odd lighter color, and on the lighter color is ashes. So I'm thinking there was a picture there once and either the car caught on fire (which I don't think it did from what I saw but Joshua said maybe) or, what I really believe, is that there was a photo on top that whoever owned it didn't want or like (maybe an ex lover? ) so they burned it! (I like my idea better)

So first things first I used a hardbristle paintbrush to get out all the cobwebs and dirt off.

Then a flathead screwdriver to get all the burned residue off the top.

Next I gorilla glue it all back together! That is the white stuff. Not Spit. Haha.

Then I sit there for about half an hour trying to figure out what to paint it as a play with my new camera, the awesome amazing Canon Rebel T3 :)

So after play time I decided it would look so cute if it were white!
And so the painting began. . . 

That is after about ohhh 2 coats? I actually kinda like the unfinished look of it. 

I like also the frosted look of the latch. And the top square is not painted because I plan to put a photo there.

What do you think? Anything you would have done differently?