Thursday, March 22, 2012


Okay so Joshua owns two older cars.
A 19(something) Mustang
photo by me
And a 1970 Beetle
photo by him

So he often goes to the junk yard to get one thing or another. Well the last time he went I joined him.
And me being the random and awesome person I am I find random and awesome things!
So on our adventure I found a cute little wooden box. It was wedged in the backseat of an older Chevy and I crawled through the mess of interior to get to it, only to find that it was missing its lid.
So I dug for the lid, which I eventually found on the floor in two pieces along with its stubby little legs.

I fall in love with it. And I have to have it. So as we walk back to buy his parts and my box I get my panda wallet ready. We get up to the register and ask how much for the box. He waves it off and I get it for free!
So I start planning my attack on the box on the way home. As you can see in the picture the top of the box has a odd lighter color, and on the lighter color is ashes. So I'm thinking there was a picture there once and either the car caught on fire (which I don't think it did from what I saw but Joshua said maybe) or, what I really believe, is that there was a photo on top that whoever owned it didn't want or like (maybe an ex lover? ) so they burned it! (I like my idea better)

So first things first I used a hardbristle paintbrush to get out all the cobwebs and dirt off.

Then a flathead screwdriver to get all the burned residue off the top.

Next I gorilla glue it all back together! That is the white stuff. Not Spit. Haha.

Then I sit there for about half an hour trying to figure out what to paint it as a play with my new camera, the awesome amazing Canon Rebel T3 :)

So after play time I decided it would look so cute if it were white!
And so the painting began. . . 

That is after about ohhh 2 coats? I actually kinda like the unfinished look of it. 

I like also the frosted look of the latch. And the top square is not painted because I plan to put a photo there.

What do you think? Anything you would have done differently?

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